CGG AI Cloud

Combining the latest GPU and software environment for demanding AI, ML and HPC workloads. Register your interest now for early access and preferential pricing.

Empower your AI experts to supercharge production and optimize resource utilization with CGG's AI Cloud. We provide access to a fully configured environment with high-performance architecture including, at launch, over 100 of the latest NVIDIA H100's - our experts are on hand to support your teams at every step.

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What does the offer include?

GPUs fully configured and optimized for AI fine-tuning and inference.

Which software applications are installed?

The GPUs are preinstalled with an AI software stack (PyTorch, NVIDIA stack, etc.). Need a specific environment? Just let us know.

Can it run non-AI workloads?

Yes! The GPUs efficiently execute a large spectrum of applications.

What support is available?

Our experts are available to support you with the environment or performance optimization.

How do I sign up?

Simply fill out the form and a member of the team will be in touch with more information.

Why choose CGG for your HPC & Cloud Solutions?

Over 70 years experience pioneering scientific computing solutions at scale.

We optimize to meet your defined KPIs, including tailored pricing aligned with your goals.

Our experts handle the complexities of cloud operations and infrastructure.

Environmentally conscious operations consistent with your ESG goals.

Register your interest in early access and preferential pricing to the latest GPU on CGG AI Cloud

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Join Xavier Vigouroux, Senior Business Development Manager AI and Start-Ups, and host Sharon Howe, VP Business Support, as they discuss productionizing AI and how optimizing the full stack brings business value in this live webcast:

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